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The Lyrics Library of the 60's - Lyrics from songs by the Animals, the Dave Clark Five, Herman's Hermits, Jay and the Americans, Johnny Rivers, the Mamas and Papas, the Searchers and others.

Vintage R&B - Lyrics to many older Motown, Atlantic, and Stax rhythm and blues hits.



Harrison, George

George Harrison: Albums, Songs and Lyrics - Lyrics archive of released albums and singles. Photos of album covers and other material included in album packages. Links and miscellaneous data. Oldie Lyrics: George Harrison - Complete lyrics to solo material, organized by albums and songs. Links to related lyrics.

Lennon, John

John Lennon Lyrics Archive - Lyrics, comprehensive discography, and related links. Lennon Lads Lyrics Archive - Lyrics to solo as well as some compilation albums. Listings by song title or album. High definition cover scans. Music Song Lyrics: John Lennon - Lyrics sorted by albums, with links to purchase. Oldie Lyrics: John Lennon - Complete lyrics to solo material, organized by albums and songs. Links to related lyrics. Rare-Lyrics: John Lennon - Lyrics to Lennon's songs as a solo artist. Rock Lyrics: John Lennon - Song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.

McCartney, Paul

Am I Right: Misheard Lyrics: Paul McCartney - Correction of any misunderstood words in a few of songs written by Paul. Related links. Oldie Lyrics: Paul McCartney - Complete lyrics arranged by album titles. Paul McCartney: MACCA Central: Lyrics - All post-1970 albums and songs listed with information.



The Arbay Archives: The Beatles - Lyrics to Beatles songs organized by album titles. MIDI karaoke provided. The Beatles - Lyrics, discography, and album covers. The Beatles Lyrics - A fan presents lyrics organized by albums, short biography, sounds and video clips. Beatles Song Index - Includes lyrics, discography, history, photos and a message board. The Beatles Studio: Lyrics - Compiles most of the Beatles songs on released studio records from the 1960s to 1990s. Come Together Over The Beatles - Lyrics of all the Beatles songs, with recording information and cover pictures. Also Lennon's solo lyrics and help to download. Frog Circus: The Beatles Lyrics - Lyrics listed along with original album covers. LaMusique - The lyrics and tabs to five of The Beatles' songs. Lyrically Squared: Beatles - Lyrics to over 200 Beatles songs and a forum for fans to chat. Lyrics Download: Beatles - Lyrics to various versions of The Beatles' songs. Lyrics Life: Beatles - Features over 240 lyrics in alphabetical order. Lyricsfreak.com: Beatles Lyrics - Browse lyrics alphabetically or by album. Lyrics-Songs: The Beatles - Collection of lyrics indexed by popularity and alphabetically. Oldie Lyrics: The Beatles - Complete collection of all lyrics, organized by albums and song titles. Rare Lyrics: Beatles - Large searchable collection of lyrics, sorted alphabetically. Rmuza's Beatles Lyrics - Lyrics listed by Beatles albums and the four members as solo artists; as well as pictures. Seeklyrics: The Beatles Lyrics - Sorted by albums or song title. Steve's Beatles Page - Lyrics to every song indexed by album and songtitle with recording information including anomalies, photos of album covers, MIDI files, and other related topics.


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