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BardicArts - Searchable collection with lyrics.

Bujold Filk Archive - A collection of filk related to Lois McMaster Bujold and her works, with links.

Computer Songs and Poems - Database of computer-related lyrics and poetry.

Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature - Filk collection from a student group at a small liberal arts college.

Amhrn Gaelach - A collection of Irish Language song texts in the original Gaelic.

Australian Folk Songs - Collection of traditional Australian folk songs with lyrics, notation, and MIDI files.

A Bard's Celtic Lyric Directory - List of traditional Irish and Scottish lyrics, chords, CDs and downloadable MP3s. Free monthly newsletter for more free MP3s.

A Big Bag Of Songs - Includes American folk, blues and gospel lyrics, with some very rare songs.

Cantaria - Library of traditional folk songs of Western Europe. Many are from late medieval and renaissance period styles.

Celtic and Scottish Songs - Collection of Scottish folk lyrics, some with accompanying audio files to download.

The Celtic Lyrics Collection - A searchable collection of modern and traditional Celtic song lyrics, with the author credited where known.

Celtic Lyrics Corner - Includes lyrics and translations for several contemporary Celtic artists and groups.

The Children's Music Archive - Lyrics to new and traditional children's songs, some with sound clips, and actions

Contemplator - Traditional tunes from 1600 to 1900. With lyrics, Midi, origins of the songs and information on the events described in the Songs.

Dardo Guitar Chords Irish Songs - First verses of popular Irish songs showing guitar chords.

Digital Tradition Folk Song Database - Mudcat discussion forums and information about how to download your own copy of the database.

Donegal Danny's Irish Folk Songs Archive - A personal collection of lyrics to traditional Irish songs.

Fierce Flawless - Brenda Weiler and Zara Iris lyrics.

Francis J. Child Ballads - Includes a biography, list of ballads, lyrics, tune information, MIDI files and links.

Hawaiian Chants: Mele of Antiquity - A study of the chant texts of the ancient Hawaiians.

Ingeb - Text and tunes in 50 languages, and many notes.

The Irish Lyrics And Chords Archive - Contains lyrics and chords to many Irish folk songs.

Irish Rebel Songs - Includes lyrics and guitar chords for Irish Republican folk songs.

Irish Songs And Traditional Music - Lyrics collection for many Irish folk songs.

Liverpool Lyrics - Small collection of lyrics to folk songs from or about Liverpool, England.

Lyrics and Free Song Lyrics - Small collection of lyrics to traditional Scottish songs.

Middle English Lyrics: Texts - A selection of lyrics from middle English from Luminarium.

Poets' Corner - Index to traditional poems, songs, and ballads from the British Isles, Ireland, America, and the Native Americas.

Quechua Songs - Includes the lyrics in Quechua, along with their English and Spanish translations.

SCA Song Database - A collection of lyrics to songs sung by campfires in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

 Sicilian Folklore - Lyrics, musical samples and information on some Sicilian folk songs.

The Songs of Woody Guthrie - Collection of lyrics, sorted in recorded order.

Spike's Music Collection - Folk song sheets in .pdf format, so they can be printed and used by musicians or singers.

A Traditional Music Library - Includes traditional music in songbooks, MIDI files, and sheet music, with lyrics.



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