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Am I Right? - Misheard lyrics (mondegreens) spanning the last six decades of pop, country, Christian and Christmas music. Song parodies covering the last four decades, ranked by site visitors.

AnalyticalQ's Parodies - AnalyticalQ's collection of parodies and other works.

Arthodyd's Lyrics - Silly lyrics and satyrical poetry.

The Ballad of Mary - Humorous lyrics that probe deep into The Virgin Mary's mental state after giving birth to Jesus Christ.

The Boot Newt Sing Along Page - An anti-republican themed parody website targetting George W. Bush Jr. and Newt Gingrinch by the host of the site and site visitors.

Bubbalicious Lyrics - Bubbalicious lyrics, MIDIs, poetry, quotes from the realm of bubbles.

 Country Western Song Generator - Creates random song lyrics for country-western songs.

Crazy Lyrics - A collection of lyrics of classic songs that have been translated back to English with some odd results.

Demented Lyrics - An archive of lyrics to wacky songs by such artists as "Weird Al" Yankovic, Tom Lehrer, Allan Sherman, and Stan Freberg. There are even a few Monty Python songs at this site. You can look for a song by artist and by title.

Derok's Lyrics - This site contains lyrics to the parody songs created by Derok.

Dictionaraoke - Talking dictionary definitions are used to render new vocals for popular songs. Other features include digital wordplay, a song of the day, and many other dictionary sample and MIDI tools and resources.

Engrish Language Song Lyrics - The "Engrish" song lyrics are composed of Pseudo-Engrish. They have been generated by a process of translating the original English song lyrics to Japanese and then back again.

Froggy's Novelty Lyric - Lyrics of early 20th century novelty songs transcribed from vintage recordings.

Geek Musique - High-tech humor, Geek-Folk songs and song parodies. Links to Geek Humor and Geek Culture sites. Hot Doggest Night - Neil Diamond song parody web site.

James Lee Listmas - A seasonal song parody site based on the music of and musician James Lee Stanley created by his mailing list fans and sanctioned by the artist, himself.

Ken Is Amazing - A site of misheard lyrics, obtained mostly by visitor submissions. Please come by for a laugh and then send your own contributions!

Killing Heidi Police - Misheard lyrics for just the group Killing Heidi

Kiss This Guy - A database of misheard lyrics to pop songs

Marshmallow Peeps Parodies - Songs devoted to nothing but the candy you get at Easter.

MC Hawking's Crib - This site is your ultimate resource for information about Stephen Hawking the gangsta rapper. Features MP3s of all the songs.

Monkees' Christmas Parody Page - Christmas verses sung to Monkees' songs.

 Parodeities - This page publishes Christian Parodies of secular tunes, reviews of bands, CDs feature parody tunes and other Christian/Parody information. Also MP3 recordings of various parodies.

Parody Song Vault - New song parodies in Real Audio format every week from a syndicated radio network.

RT Lyrics - A web site that uses parody songs and lyrics to educate and entertain the cyber world about Respiratory Therapy.

90's Lyric Quiz - A site where you can test your knowledge of 90's music by trying to identify the song by its lyric.

 Scott Loeb's Parody and Comedy Songs - Scott Loeb "Parody Songs" with MIDIs to sing along. Groups like Toto, Three Doors Down, Radiohead, The Buggles, and The Cars.

Silly Songs from Grandfolkies - Silly song collection for kids of all ages with real-audio files, and lyrics for download. Vocals and instrumentals by author and folk singer, Phyllis Robbins.

Song Quotes - Song quotes from Various Artists with links to full lyrics and artists pages.

The Taliban Surrender - This site contains NEW lyrics for the Cheap Trick song "Surrender", altered to fit some events in Afghanistan.

Virtual Jon - Random lyric generator in the style of "Yes".

WordSync - Original humorous lyrics, in a variety of musical styles.

Ye Olde' Page of Parodies - Covers popular songs (mostly 90's) of MTV culture, and includes tv show parodies.


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