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Anachronistic Page - Read Lyrics (and practice the Chords) of beautiful songs by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and The Lovin' Spoonful, among others.

 Embrace - 21 lyrics to share with your lover.

Gerald Cruz - The alphabetical order of songs connected with love theme.

The Greatest Love Songs - Eecognize the Greatest Love Songs. Although the order is debatable, these selections are surely ones that lay dear to our hearts

The Greatest Love Songs - A True Romance - A collection of the greatest love songs celebrating a true romance (with music, lyrics and guitar chords). Accepting requests and dedications.

Jaded J's Wavs & Lyrics - All time favorite Love Songs and Tagalog songs with lyrics

Jaded J's Wavs & Lyrics - Alphabetical list of over 100 love songs.

Links 2 Love Lyrics - The old and new love songs in alphabetical order.

Love Lyrics - A searchable directory of lyrics to romantic love songs and ballads.

Love Lyrics - List of love song lyrics available.

Love Lyrics Collection - Over 1000 love lyrics organized by title.

Love Lyrics Encyclopedia - Lyrics to hundreds of love songs browsable and searchable by artist, song title, and/or text.

Love Song Lyrics - Lyrics to many popular love songs and ballads.

Love Songs For People Who Have Been In Love More Than Once - Completely original lyrics dealing with every facet of love and romance for people who have been in love more than once.

~Love Songs to Remember - Original Love Songs dealing with every facet of love and romance for people who have been in love more than once. Three indexes. Love songs written over a period of many years. They are not poems ! Love Songs/Cards - Love songs site complete with lyrics to many different genres, presenting in a very visual, beautiful way.

Lyrical Melody - Lyrics of love and encouragement are featured that can be shared in the form of e-greetings.

Obsessive Love Lyrics Directory - Lyrics directory for songs about stalking and obsessive love.

Peach Patch - Music Site for Love and Romance Songs and Lyrics. Wedding Songs. Love and Romance Free Greeting Cards. The alphabetical list of lyrics.

Romantic Lyrics - Large archive of the most beautiful love songs lyrics of all time. Also romance ideas and tips. Searching by song title or by artist.

Sandkastle's VP Rooms - Enjoy complete songs by the original artists. Faith Hill, Celine Dion,Collin Raye, Dixie Chicks, Eric Clapton, Shania Twain, Lonestar, Sarah McLachlan. Request a favorite love song, or dedicate one of these songs to someone special in your life.


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